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Tecnocap supplies a wide range of Plastic Protective Closures
And Fittings plus Fasteners for all Applications

A comprehensive standard product range is available offering ideal Cost-effective solutions for your own particular requirements Designed for Protection, Covering, Plugging, Sealing .

Our products include caps, plugs, masks, flanges, custom-moulded closures, silicone products, thermoplastic rubber and vinyl products, Protective Plastic Closures, Plastic caps and lids fittings and product protectors, Plastic Pull Cap, flare fittings and straight-threaded, Threaded Caps and Non-Threaded Caps, Plugs fasteners, Industrial Closures, Silicone Washer and seals.

Suitable for a variety of applications, caps and covers are designed to protect, caps push on easily and fit securely.

Plastic Fasteners, Special Plastic Screws and Nuts, Plastic Washers, Plastic Spacers, Plastic Threaded Rod.

Thermo-plastics, Carbon Fiber-Reinforced PVDF, Epoxy for demanding mechanical specifications.

If the solution to your requirement is not within our Standard range, we can develop it Together.


Plastics Caps Plugs